Barak and Amigo- Navigating the Journey of Life Together

February 6, 2023

Barak Yefet had a kidney transplant a year ago, which affected his health, recovery, life and business.

He spent a year in rehabilitation. His ethnic food business in the Shuk Ha Carmel in Tel Aviv took a financial hit from both Covid and his illness. Barak’s brother-in-law stepped in for him during this difficult time. Barak received his kidney from a widower who had lost his wife and children in a horrific terror attack. The two have maintained a close connection ever since the transplant.

Barak told us, “You ask me why I chose to get a guide dog now. After my recovery, something shifted in me; I felt ready to partner with a guide dog. I liked taking care of someone else besides myself. I finally accepted my vision loss. When I used a cane, I used to fold it up and felt embarrassed. It wasn’t a good feeling. I would pretend it was something else – some other kind of cane – to trick myself and pretend in front of others.”

That was when Barak decided to partner with his first guide dog, Amigo, a large yellow Labrador. Now, with Amigo by his side, Barak walks proudly through the city. “I love feeling independent… not having to depend on anyone else. I feel confident.” Barak struts across the streets with Amigo, traversing the crosswalks together. “I trust him. I know he will get me around obstacles. I learned Amigo is trained to disobey a command that could endanger us – that was amazing.”

Barak feels a very positive connection with Amigo. “We are a good team and learn through lots of practice. I’ve incorporated the training techniques well, especially when working in real-life situations. I’ve increased my verbal communication with Amigo during walks, which has assisted in our teamwork. Amigo is my friend. Truly he has been well-named. I adore him—and the people who made him possible for me.”