Name a Puppy

Be a Hero for a Superhero

What you see here is no ordinary puppy.

Some people see a puppy.
We see confidence and independence.
We see the ability to go anywhere and do anything.
We see a better, brighter future for people
with blindness and other disabilities.

We see superheroes. And we need heroes like you to help them reach their fullest potential.

When you name an Israel Guide Dog Centre puppy, you’re changing someone’s world. And that makes you a hero for a superhero! Your $5000 sponsorship helps us care for our priceless puppies. It helps us to operate our Puppy Development and Training Campus, supporting their journey from puppy to a world-class guide dog, PTSD service dog, emotional support dog or ambassador dog.

Not every puppy grows up to become a guide or service dog, but every puppy makes an impact. And someday, they’ll reach their true potential because people like you care enough to make a difference.

Baby Israel Guide Dog, playing with dog toys.

Puppy Naming Sponsorship

$5000 CAD



  •  Regular updates and periodic photos until the puppy’s final placement
  •  Personal VIP guided tour of the Centre
  •  Exclusive access to our Name a Puppy website with your own superhero page
Un named puppies playing.

What Name Will You Choose?

Choosing a name for your sponsored puppy is a unique way to connect with it personally. When choosing a name, here are a few considerations.


The puppy’s name may be spoken often by its partner when using commands. Will the name you choose be comfortable for the partner to say without drawing unwanted attention? Avoid names that may have a negative connotation. Our staff previews every name for the ‘pavement test.’ How will the public perceive it when heard on a busy street corner?


Our trainers and volunteers work with about 90-120 dogs annually, and duplicate names can confuse. If the name you choose has been used for one of our puppies in the last 12 months, there may be an extended wait before your name can be applied. If that happens, we will contact you to review your options.


When choosing your name, you may also select the gender of a puppy, if desired. As much as we’d like to, we cannot fulfill other special requests such as the breed or colour of the dog. Thanks for understanding.


Our Puppy Breeding Department intentionally spaces litters throughout the year, so depending on the timing of your sponsorship, there may be a waiting period before we can identify the puppy who will receive the name you have chosen. Thanks for your patience. And thanks again for the puppy love!

To allow our many supporters an opportunity to name a puppy in honour or memory of a loved one, we reserve the right to limit namings to one puppy per donor per year.

Be a Hero for a Superhero

How Can I Help?

We provide our Guide Dogs Free of Charge to our blind or visually impaired clients. This is only possible because of the support we receive from people like you. We are a small non-profit that makes a huge difference, but we need your help to spread the word.