How to Help

Learn more about how to get involved with Israel Guide Dog Center!

Two Israel Guide service dogs, laying down.


Every gift helps provide a guide dog to a visually impaired Israeli, a support dog to an IDF veteran with PTSD, or a service dog for a child on the autism spectrum, free of charge.

Family photo including Israel Guide Dogs.

Host a Parlour Meeting

Gather friends at home to meet our clients and their Guide Dogs and learn more about the fantastic work of our four-legged and two-legged friends.

Israel Guide Dog visiting a Bar Mitzvah/

Mitzvah & Tzedakah Projects

We offer students an opportunity to sponsor puppies for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah Projects or Class Tzedakah campaigns while learning about the life-changing work of Guide Dogs.

Two service dog puppies in a children's stroller.

Sponsor a Puppy

Sponsor one of our gorgeous puppies for as little as $42 per month for two years and watch them grow from a six-week-old bundle of fur to a fully qualified guide dog or companion dog.

three puppies lay in a dog bed, sleeping.

Name a Puppy

For a donation of $5,000, you can name a puppy and support their journey from newborn to a world-class guide dog, PTSD service dog, emotional support dog, or ambassador dog.