Our People


Atarah Derrick

Executive Director

Shelley Calleri

Administrative Assistant

Canadian Board of Directors


Dr. Marcia Sokolowski

Immediate Past President

Eli Rubinstein

Board Member

Karen Etingin

A Message from the Director

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your unwavering support, we have continued to fulfill our mission of breeding and training guide dogs and emotional support dogs for blind Israelis.

Over the past year, our dedicated team of trainers and volunteers has worked tirelessly to ensure that every dog is trained to the highest standard, providing independence, comfort, and mobility to those who need it most. We are strengthening our breeding by dedicating more healthy dogs to this effort.

In addition to our breeding, training, and advocacy efforts, we have also made great strides in our community outreach initiatives in Canada. This year alone, we have hosted more public events, done greater outreach across the country, and created new programs for the next generation to engage with us.

Every dog we have bred and trained has changed the life of its companion and family. When we see a visually impaired person walking with their dog, we see only the two navigating the world together. The reality is that there are dozens of people behind them- their families, their trainers, the staff of the IGDC, and every one of our donors. You are there, too. 


Thank you once again for your support, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.


Warm regards,

Atarah Derrick
Executive Director

Portrait of Atarah Derrick, Executive Director at Israel Guide Dog Center