Completing Ironman Israel

July 30, 2022

In just one day, Boaz’s life changed forever.

While sparring with his martial arts partner, a freak accident caused Boaz to lose sight in one eye and gradually in the other. He went from living an active life with a successful career in Israel’s high-tech industry, busy, happily married, helping raise three children and involved in sports—to isolation and depression.

After several unsuccessful operations and a complex rehabilitation and adjustment process, he decided the only way he could be safe and independent was with the help of a guide dog. Boaz was partnered with Adelle, and together they make quite a team. She has become a new pair of eyes for Boaz and helped him regain his self-esteem and enthusiasm for life.

He started cycling with our Canvelo tandem biking group and recently completed the Israel Ironman (Israman) challenge.

“I did the half-Israman – 1.9km swimming, 90 km biking and half a marathon run – together with my sighted partner Shachar, and I am so proud! I am also very grateful to Adelle. Thanks to her, I have been reborn, and now, I am looking forward to every day of my life.”