Happy Retirement for Our Dogs

April 4, 2022

Jeff was Einav’s guide dog for eight years. He became “her eyes, heart, soul and ultimate partner”. When he recently turned 10, it was time for him to retire – a time of mixed emotions which Liat, Einav’s sister, shared with us.

“I hate endings, but even more, I hate farewells! But, I really love to love, and to learn life’s lessons. After many years of being an integral part of our family, Jeff is ending his official role as my sister’s guide dog.

“Einav and Jeff matched perfectly. Jeff, a mixed Golden Retriever – Labrador, is an intelligent and well-trained dog. He matched my sister like a glove.

“Luckily for Jeff, and to my sister’s delight (if you can call it that), Jeff will be returning to the couple that raised him as a puppy, preparing him just right for my sister. A few years ago, these puppy raisers were students at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Now, after eight years, this couple has become a family with children. Jeff will retire to this wonderful family that will pamper and love him.

“There is not enough time to describe all the resources, energy, and love are invested in each such dog, and to describe the significance of this dog to the person who receives it. Jeff was my sister’s eyes, but more than that, he was her heart, soul and the ultimate partner.

“Thank you Jeff!”

Some dogs, like Jeff, go back to their original puppy raisers. Some stay with their client along with the new guide dog, or go to their friends or relatives. We also have a long list of people who want a retired dog as a pet. But wherever our dogs end up, they all get to spend the rest of their lives in peace and comfort in loving homes. After all, retirement is the time to enjoy life!