Rina Arbel, Volunteer Extraordinaire

February 3, 2023

How did you first connect with the Center?
“I worked in the hi-tech industry, and after leaving that world, I needed a change. I looked for something closer to my passion which is animals – dogs in particular. I volunteered at a veterinary hospital and then at a clinic. I continued seeking a more positive and meaningful place and found the center.”

What is your current role?
“I’m the Puppy Socialization Coordinator in our Puppy Center. I train and guide each of the six volunteers who work on this project. Previously I was one of the Dog Diversion Volunteers with my pet dog. The objective of the Dog Diversion is to distract the guide dogs in training and acclimate them to future distractions they will encounter in their work as a guide dog.”

Favorite part of your job?
“Love flows to and from the puppies. It is good for the heart; helps ease the aches and pains of life. I love dogs and working with nice people – there is meaning in this. Dogs are G-d’s gift to man. They are all heart and soul and only give. They can teach you so much about being in the moment and knowing how to relax. We can learn a lot from dogs.”

Do you feel you are making a difference in Israeli society?
“Whenever you volunteer, you make a change. You make a change in your surroundings, which causes a change in society. Working with and for people with blindness changes society.”